Stressless Style

Modern Style & Comfort: Happy Together

When you think about modern interior design, what is it that comes to mind? With sharp, clean lines and minimal accessories, chances are comfort is not the first thing you think of. But if you look at modern design from a slightly different perspective, you just might realize that it is indeed comfy in an unconventional way.

Unlocking the key to a cozy modern home begins with understanding what modern design truly is. Modern design does not mean current or of recent times as you might expect. It actually is used to describe home design from the time period between the 1920s and 1950s. So, when you think modern, shift your thinking to recall mid-century modern and understand the identifiers of this era.


One of the main components of a truly modern living space is minimalism. Many people hear the world minimalism and they think bare or stark – words that do not connote feelings of well-being. Instead, think simple and clean. Modern design is timeless, really, as it puts away the clutter of unnecessary accessories like bulky throws and heavy curtains. When decorating with accents focus on clean lines and geometric shapes. Make sure any additions to a space are functional and there to serve a purpose like a table lamp or rug. The lack of clutter can lead to clearer mind and more soothing environment.

The color palette seen in many modern rooms also gives off relaxing vibes. Traditionally a modern living space uses neutral colors throughout – like white, tan and taupe. Colors that don’t overwhelm the senses. They are then supplemented with stronger accent colors for a bit of excitement. Modern accents are often primary colors like a dramatic red or cheerful yellow. A few Stressless favorites can be seen through our signature colors: Summer Green and Tomato Red.


Modern furniture is typically streamlined and tailored. This style does not allow for a bulky old recliner or overstuffed sofa. Instead look for a sleek piece that allows for a more open space. Find seating with comfort built into it, like the new Stressless Skyline or Metropolitan. This dynamic duo fits the mid-century modern mold and is equipped with patented comfort technologies like the Plus-system, which provides support by allowing the seating to move with the body. To get the complete look find furnishings that use natural materials such as leather and wood or more industrial materials like chrome.


When boiled down, modern design really can be quite cozy. Clean does not have to be sterile and linear does not have to feel stiff. Shift away from the stereotypes and you’ll soon realize that modern style and comfort truly are happy together. The result? A deep sense of well-being.