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National Parks? Let’s Embark! Stress Less Outdoors

Outdoor activities are proven to relieve the stresses of daily life in an exciting way. Enjoying a nice walk or camping in a scenic area offers the opportunity to enjoy natural beauty and get away from it all. Other outdoor activities include visiting national parks, camping, hiking, exploring, animal watching, kayaking, fishing and skiing. With the seasons changing, now is the perfect time to head outdoors.

Many countries have national parks that showcase the land’s natural beauty, with the U.S. alone containing 63. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, with over 14 million visitors in 2021, is the most visited national park in the country and the well-known Yellowstone National Park is the No. 1 “Best U.S. National Park” according to “U.S. News.” There are parks that feature very tall sequoia trees, craggy mountains, wide canyons and even sandstone monuments.

The U.S. is not the only country with beautiful places to visit. Norway, for example, has some of the most breathtaking parks varying in size and landscape.

Norway is home to fjords, mountains, waterfalls, lakes, open fields, ice caps and much more. The Scandinavian country features 47 national parks within its limits, which is more than the majority of its European neighbors. Journeying to any of these parks is an experience that will stay with you for a lifetime. All national parks in Norway offer the right to roam, as long as guests respect the land. Make sure you don’t add stress to our planet while you are releasing stress from yourself!

Here are three national parks to visit in Norway:


Norway’s first national park was established in 1962. The park is home to Rondeslottet, which is the third highest peak in coastal Norway standing at 7,146 feet. Rondane set the way for the creation of more national parks, which has not only helped the country of Norway in terms of tourism, but has also placed an emphasis on the natural beauty that can be observed within the country.

Sør- Spitsbergen

Norway’s largest national park is located on the south end of the Spitsbergen island in Svalbard, and is over 3,250 square miles in land area. That’s a whole lot of land to explore! The area has  been identified as an “Important Bird Area” because of the support it gives to the resident bird species. The Isøyane Bird Sanctuary sits within the park and has over 560 acres of protected land dedicated to helping repopulate certain species of birds.


The northernmost national park within the borders of Norway was established in 2006. Featuring a land area of over 445,000 acres, the park offers an arctic tundra landscape. It is home to lots of plant life and is also an “Important Bird Area” with over 20 species of birds that call the park home. If you or anyone you know is an avid bird watcher, this would be a great place to visit! The park is also home to many other animals, including reindeer, arctic foxes and wolverines.

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