Norway celebrates the softer side of Father’s Day

Father’s Day is upon us, and whether you’re celebrating your dad—or celebrating being a dad—we hope there’s a comfy Stressless recliner involved. We’re picturing you and/or your father piled up in a favorite chair reading and relaxing, watching sports or napping and dreaming sweet dreams. Regardless of how you observe Father’s Day, Stressless supports your decision, literally and figuratively.

As you know, Stressless comes from the Land of the Midnight Sun, where Father’s Day or Fasdag is observed in November instead of June, as it is here in America. That’s not all that’s different about Norwegian dads and their customs. Norway is a socially progressive country, redefining traditional gender roles when it comes to parenting. Norwegians expect fathers to participate equally in childcare and familial duties. In fact, the Norwegian government mandates a paternal leave or pappapermisjon quota for fathers. If pappa doesn’t take his allotted 14 weeks off, both parents lose this share of their benefits.

It’s customary in Norway for dads to adjust their workdays around daycare pick-up and drop-off and to make time for preparing family meals and helping with household chores, not just the proverbial “honey-do” list of manly tasks with power tools. Norwegian men are socially conditioned to be equal partners in parenting as well as in relationships.

According to Norway’s previous Prime Minister Erna Solberg, the country’s gender equity policies positioned Norway to better support its working moms during the pandemic, which forced women worldwide out of the workforce. While data is still being compiled, the former leader of Norway said that “gender equality is essential for a sustainable recovery.”

And it’s no secret that Scandinavian countries are consistently ranked among the happiest places in the world. Perhaps the shared parenting duties play a part in maintaining this constant state of hygge?

This Father’s Day, let’s celebrate dads in style and comfort and remember that cultures differ in their traditions and approaches to parenting. Norwegian society values tolerance, respect and equality–with a heavy emphasis on equal duties for dad. Cheers to pappas everywhere, and may your special day be filled with joy!

From Stressless with love.