Ode to the Dog Days of Summer

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When it’s so hot outside you could fry an egg on the pavement.
When it’s so hot your birdbath is boiling.
When it’s so hot your dog won’t fetch, it’s the “Dog Days of Summer.”

The term is actually a reference to Sirius, sometimes called the “Dog Star,” because it’s part of the constellation Canis Major. In August, Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, rises and sets with the sun. According to The Farmer’s Almanac, these sultry days are actually a result of the Earth’s tilt, rather than the Sun’s seasonal alignment with Sirius. But don’t tell that to the ancient Romans, who believed Sirius added to the Sun’s warmth and referred to this time of year as diēs caniculārēs, or “dog days.”

In the spirit of the season, let’s talk about ways to enjoy the dregs of summer with your favorite canine friend. Some breeds like the water more than others, so you’ll know if your pup’s a beach dog, a pool dog or a lake dog. Even if your dog doesn’t like to swim, it might like to chase the arc of water made when you hold your thumb over the garden hose and spray it in the air. The cold, dancing droplets are irresistible to most four-legged folks.

An afternoon in the shade is another option, especially for older dogs, with walks scheduled for early morning before the sidewalk steams up. And just as people need to stay well hydrated during dry summer months, the same holds true for dogs, who only perspire through their paws and can easily get overheated. When your dog gets hot, it pants, which causes moisture to evaporate from its tongue, lowering its body temperature.

A game of sprinkler frisbee is a cool way to beat the heat while still getting some exercise. Just toss your disc into the spritz and watch your dog’s vertical leap. Freezing dog toys stuffed with peanut butter is another trick to help your dog chill out. And it goes without saying to never leave your dog in a locked car with the windows up unless the AC is on, no matter how quick your errand is.

Fittingly, National Dog Day is Wednesday, August 26. Here are some ways you can celebrate:

  • Donate to your local shelter or rescue organization.
  • Have a National Dog Day party and invite all your friends and their pets.
  • Spend the day taking photos of your dog and make a meme to share via social.

Every dog must have his day, as Jonathan Swift famously said. And National Dog Day is for every dog. Turn the Dog Days of Summer into a celebration of your best friend, because love is a four-legged word.


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