Comfort Anywhere

Packing Tips for a Comfortable Trip

Traveling doesn’t have to be stressful. While many aspects of traveling comfortably are out of your control, the first step to a relaxing trip is simple and begins before you ever leave home: packing the right way.

Many of us dread packing. It’s something we put off until the last moment, but if you think about what you’re bringing along, you can save yourself a lot of travel-related frustration. Here are some useful packing tips to use before your next trip.

Make a Packing List

It’s tempting to just throw everything in a bag. Unfortunately, when you get to your destination and open your luggage, you realize it’s full of random things you won’t use or wear during your trip. Planning ahead helps keeps you prepared and ready to travel. When it comes to packing, organization is the key. Write down the essentials on a packing list and stick to it.


Start your packing list a few days before you leave so that you won’t forget to pack something you need — a major source of stress during a trip.

Pack Similar Clothes (and Roll Them)

When you’re packing clothes, choose pieces that can be mixed and matched easily. Before you put any clothes in your suitcase, spread out every piece and see how many outfits and combinations you can make. Choosing clothes that fit into one color palette makes it easy to mix and match.

To fit more pieces in your suitcase or carry-on bag, roll your clothes instead of folding them. You’ll make the most of your space and have fewer creases in your clothes.

Make the Most of Your Carry-On

Choosing the right bags is essential for a stress-free trip, especially if you’re flying. If you decide to check a bag, there’s a chance that your bag could be misplaced or even lost in transit, putting you into a nerve-racking situation when you land. Rather than taking a chance at baggage claim, pack everything in your carry-on.

Carry-on size restrictions vary from airline to airline, so check with yours and find a bag that fits into their specified size parameters.

Limit Your Gadgets

When it comes to traveling with your electronic devices, the adage holds true: less is more. Carrying around too many expensive electronic devices — literally and figuratively — weighs you down. If you’re on a business trip, you’ll need your laptop, obviously. But if you’re vacationing, leave your bulky computer at home and unplug from the office for a while. Your smartphone can handle updating your social media accounts, taking pictures, finding directions and other needs that you’ll have during your trip.


Leaving your laptop at home will give you more room in your carry-on bag and help alleviate some of the stress associated with your work, including responding to work emails during your vacation.

Whether you’re packing for a week-long business trip or a quick weekend getaway, traveling doesn’t have to be a hectic experience. The key to traveling comfortably is packing the right way.