Time-Tested Comfort

For most people, furniture comes and goes—whether it be moves, redecorations or general wear and tear. So what makes a piece of furniture stand the test of time?

As a child, I always remembered the seemingly gigantic Stressless recliner that highlighted our living room.  It seemed that the recliner had something special to offer every member of the family — the ultimate place for work, play and even naps.

During holidays, when the whole family would visit, my grandparents would fight over who got to sit in the Stressless recliner first. They loved the lumbar support that adjusted to their every movement with specific pressure in their lower backs. It was exactly what they needed after hours in a car — and a convenient place to sleep instead of helping with dinner.

When football season rolled around, my dad would invite everyone over to scream at the television for a few hours. For our guests, the real MVP was the recliner—each of them would sneak a seat as he grabbed more snacks from the kitchen. They would all ogle at how the recliner adjusted to the weight and shape of each person allowing them to effortlessly float back into the recline position. Three hundred pound men were amazed when they suddenly felt weightless.

It was there for the fun and not-so-fun times. When my mother had a cold, the only remedy she would consider was the Stressless recliner. She loved that the headrest lifted her head as she leaned back—completely supporting her neck.  If she wanted to read or watch TV while reclining, it was as easy as shifting her weight back. We all suspected she was faking her sickness just to get a little more time to herself.

For me, the recliner was my oasis for napping on Sunday afternoons.

I would sit there reading until I began to doze off. At this point, that perfectly supportive headrest would fall flat with the simple pull of my hand and the ottoman would tilt down as I leaned back—the ideal position for an afternoon of relaxing.

Furniture this intuitive becomes a part of your life. It interacts with each person in a customized and unique way. As I grew older, so did the chair, but my appreciation for that chair did not falter. This recliner was special. It was a part of our life and it stood the test of time.

Whether it was a place to unwind at the end of the day, a makeshift movie theater or a way to bring the whole family together, our Stressless recliner offered something for everyone. The recliner still sits in our living room; no less loved than the day it was delivered.

A piece of furniture stands the test of time when it can offer customized comfort to everyone without fail. Through years of wear, sleepy grandparents and large men, it continued to offer the same level of comfort and the same functional features—unaffected by the constant use. I will always value the quality of that chair, but, moreover, I will always treasure the memories created with the ones that I love, in the chair that we loved.