She Sheds are the Perfect At-Home Retreat

When it comes to spaces to relax at home, the man cave has long been a go-to DIY project, but it’s time to make way for the she shed. Now more than ever, everyone needs a place to relax and unwind without leaving the house. Women need a space away from the home office or online school, and they can do a little better than the musty man cave. That’s why they’re stepping it up in a big way with she sheds.

Dog relaxing near she shed

What is a she shed?

She sheds are spaces for women to call their own. Design meets comfort and relaxation in these backyard refuges, only a few steps from the house but a world away. Whether it’s a midday nap or a solo soirée, any excuse to steal away to the she shed is well worth your time when it features cozy décor and just the right furniture. Here are some tips for starting a she shed of your own:

Location, location, location.

You can’t just shack up in any old lean-to. The she shed has to be a haven, meaning that you have to feel comfortable while still being away from the stresses of the household. Whether you have a fixer-upper shed that you haven’t done anything with, or you’ve found a cute little kit somewhere that will help you build your own, make sure you’ll be able to put your feet up in your own back yard without having to worry. If you don’t have the space or the resources to build out a whole shed, then you can always make your own space inside the house. Just find somewhere that can be cornered off by a door or room divider and make sure it’s exposed to natural light for that bright, open feeling.

Decorate inside and out.

More than anything, it’s important to make sure that your she shed reflects you. That’s why you need just the right décor. Do you want a lively mini-palace that expresses your creative side? Try pastel or white paint on the exterior to give some pizzazz, and then put some creative art on the interior. Are you looking for a more low-key, cabin-in-the-woods vibe? A rich, warm coat of paint on the outside will make you feel at home, and some layered rugs or bookshelves will help cozy up the inside. As lighting goes, it’s hard to go wrong with string lights! Just make sure you’re still able to read your book in the twilight hours.

Decide what you’re going to do with your she shed.

Do you want a creative space, complete with easel or writing desk? Are you going to entertain guests with a minibar and counter seats? Will this be a space to veg out and catch up on your favorite novel or TV show? Whatever the purpose, deck out your shed with the right equipment for the job.

Woman reading in she shed

Relax with the right furniture.

Choose where you lounge wisely. This is your refuge, after all, and you only deserve the best. Some comfy blankets, scented candles, and a luxe chair will help you rest up in the comfort of your own back yard.