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Sourcing Leather: Never Settle for Less Than the Best

When it comes to big ticket items such as tires for a car or a new mattress for your bedroom, it’s always wise to do your homework and ensure you are not settling for anything but the best. After all, these are the items you use everyday. The things you rely on for comfort and safety. This rule also applies to purchasing furniture – especially leather furnishings. Like anything else, with leather you pay for quality.

Starting your search for a new leather product can be overwhelming. Most buyers look at different styles, hides and prices, but the most important factor when shopping is determining which leather grade to go with.

Leather has many types of grains from full grain to bonded leather. Full grain leather comes from the top layer of the hide and it is the best leather available. This grain shows natural markings and beautifies with time versus a bonded grain leather, which only contains small amounts of actual leather and is not as durable.

Many countries produce leather, but few are as well known as Italy. Italian leather is often referred to as the best of its kind, the crème de la crème if you will. If you’ve traveled to Italy, this makes perfect sense to you. Italians are known for their romantic and luxurious culture with an appreciation for the finer things. One of the many reasons why Italian leather is considered to be the finest of its kind is because of its quality.

When producing Italian leather, the very best craftsmanship and care you can find goes into the finished product. Italian leather is made up of only the highest quality hides that happen to be extremely durable as well as stylish.

Unlike many other leathers around the world, Italian leather is remarkably unique. Because of natural marks and blemishes, no two products look the same, so be sure not to mistake these markings as imperfections. Italian leather also ages beautifully, so your product will last longer.

Stressless recently came out with a new style of leather called Noblesse. Noblesse is produced in Italy from high-end European rawhide material. In true Stressless fashion, Noblesse is soft with a silky and appealing touch.

Noblesse is the most exclusive leather in Ekornes’ collection. It is a full grain, semi-aniline leather, which means the leather is dyed using a light surface treatment. This provides a certain amount of protection, while maintaining the natural softness and glow that are characteristic of a first class upholstery leather.

Like other Stressless leather options, Noblesse is an elite and beautiful leather that is equally as attractive as it is comfortable. Check out our website to see all the leather options available.