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Stressless® décor tips for a festive Thanksgiving Dinner

 Autumn is here and it brings us some of America’s favorite holidays with Thanksgiving arguably being the most celebrated. Since 2018, an estimated 55 million people have traveled each year to spend Thanksgiving with loved ones (except for 2020 due to COVID). With all that said, if you’re hosting this Thanksgiving, it may seem daunting, even if you’ve hosted in the past. There’s a lot of food to be prepped and cooked, on top of having to get your home in order. Get a head start on dining needs and décor for your Turkey Day table with these easy ideas so you stress less come the big day.

Master the perfect centerpiece

Probably the easiest and most cost-effective way to add décor to your table this Thanksgiving is adding a centerpiece. There are many ways to create the perfect look for your table. We recommend starting by using or purchasing a nice neutral tablecloth and an autumn-colored runner to lay the foundation to accentuate whatever you end up doing to bring attention to your dining table. Here are some ways to create the perfect centerpiece:

  • Use a clear or neutral vase with either fresh or artificial flowers that match your autumn accent colors on your table or use a rusted orange or brown vase with white/neutral flowers as another option. If you want to have something you can reuse, go with artificial or preserved flowers and greenery so you can have them for future parties, dinners and events.
  • Fill a table tray with candles, small pumpkins and fall foliage. For a great fall feel, we like the ones with raised edges that are wooden or rustic in design. This is a nice option as a centerpiece because if you find you need more room for food as it comes out, you can simply move the tray elsewhere until the meal is complete.
  • Small gourds and/or pumpkins are a very easy way to create a centerpiece. Buy a pumpkin that’s just right for your tablespace, not too large or too small. Many stores sell painted pumpkins with cute sayings, such as “give thanks” that are quite fitting. Surround this main pumpkin with a few smaller ones, or with small gourds.


Find the ideal accents

Once your centerpiece is set, find dinnerware and other accents you can add to your table that fit your theme. Cloth placemats and napkins are the perfect addition. With your napkins you can either learn how to fold them to make them look nice on your plates or purchase fall or gold napkin rings to give them a little more flair. If you find yourself entertaining often, invest in nice pieces (plates, bowls, serving bowls etc.) that all match or are intentionally mismatched. Store them for use only during special occasions to keep them looking good as new.


Accentuate your seating

Another thing to think about as an avid host, or even just someone who plans to purchase a first or a new home, is upgrading your current furniture to provide your guests with comfortable seating during holiday meals. The dining area is the heart of the home. A place to enjoy the company of friends and family. A place to chat, share and celebrate, as well as a place to relive old memories and make new ones.

You might as well invest in dining chairs that are only going to add to the value of your dining room even more by giving guests the comfort of a flexible seat back, which offers a variety of positions to create the ideal comfort. Our favorites at Stressless® are the Mint and Laurel dining chairs (with or without arms, high or low back). Your guests won’t want to leave the dinner table after an amazing Thanksgiving meal in the coziest seating that allows them to maximize their quality time with family and friends.

We at Stressless® wish you and your loved ones the happiest of holidays in 2022 and hope these tips help you plan and host the ultimate Thanksgiving with the ultimate comfort. Visit us to locate your nearest Stressless® dealer.