Stressless® Furniture Has Built-In Sustainability

Norway is a land of majestic mountains, deep fjords and crystal-clear waterfalls. The Norwegian people have always had a profound and abiding relationship with nature. It’s a philosophy called Friluftsliv, a word coined by Norwegian poet Henrik Ibsen, that means “free air life” and describes the strong connection to the environment that is so prevalent in Norway. As Earth Day approaches, we at Stressless want to take a moment and reflect on how we strive to be good stewards of our country’s unique natural resources.

100% Clean Energy

At our Stressless factories in Norway, 100% of the power comes from hydropower, a renewable energy source generated by an endless water cycle. When you purchase Stressless furniture, you are not only investing in your comfort but also making a sustainable and responsible choice.Ekornes Location

Comfort That Lasts

At Stressless, we make quality products that will last you a lifetime. Our raw materials are selected with the utmost care and consideration to give the furniture endurance. Choosing a high-quality product extends its lifespan and lowers its environmental impact, making the design equally as important as the materials. With our focus on timeless pieces, we create Stressless icons that endure.Smiling worker sewing

Because We Care

We care about the world around us. Our wooden offcuts are regenerated into heating our factory, and any surplus heat is used for district heating, local homes and the public outdoor pool. Even our simple efforts such as using recycled materials for packaging and using leftover foam for armrests and footrests are all contributing to reducing our carbon footprint. Our more complicated closed-loop system allows us to clean the steel without releasing toxins, and our use of water-based paints and lacquers has the same benefit. These efforts won’t save the world—but we’re making a difference—today and for generations to come.

Craftsman repairing wooden base

In Norway there’s a saying: “Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlige klæ,” which translates to “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.” Norwegians love being outdoors. It’s part of our culture, instilled from an early age. In fact, “forest kindergarten” is a type of preschool “without a ceiling or walls” and is held almost exclusively outside. The concept is very popular in Norway where children spend, on average, a third of the day outdoors in the winter and two-thirds of the day outdoors in the summer. Norwegians learn to care about the environment as barn.

Worker finishing the wood

Fifty Years of Craftsmanship

Stressless is a brand born in Norway 50 years ago. We’ve been passionate about caring for the environment for half a century. With our environmentally-friendly processes and premium materials, our machines and employees work together to create furniture that ages gracefully. When you purchase Stressless furniture, you’re choosing quality that will serve you throughout your lifetime. We continuously strive to improve efficiency that enhances quality and reduces energy, time and waste. Our pledge to the planet is through furniture that lasts.