Stressless Style

Stressless®  Living Room Printspiration

People love prints, especially in their wardrobe, but when it comes to adding prints into the home, many get intimidated. How much is too much? What colors go with what? What is in style? Will it look stupid? These are the questions many of us ask ourselves when thinking about incorporating new pillows, drapes, throws, rugs and furniture into a room. We here at Stressless®, want you to literally stress less over purchasing and using prints when decorating. We offer an array of recliners and sofas in a myriad of colors and leather grades on which to build. Here are our top interior design tips to give you a little printspiration for adding to your Stressless living room!

Colored patterns collaborate with comfort

Start small when first adding new patterns into your living room. Let’s begin with the sofa. Many people have solid color sofas and chairs, which are perfect for adding pops of print. Add two or three throw pillows that have similar hues, but slightly different patterns. It is always nice to have throws and pillows that incorporate your sofa color. For instance, if you have a light gray couch and want to add blue patterns and prints, get pillows that are shades of blue, and light gray that will pair well with your furniture. If you have a solid sofa and chairs that are a different color (or vice versa), this takes extra attention. Don’t go too wild with what you pick. See where your comfort is with a couple pillows and add from there. Next, move on to lamps and ottomans. Finding either solid colors to match your print, or if the space is big enough, they can also have the same color prints or patterns.

Take a walk on the wild side with animal prints

Animal prints are a fun way to style your living room. It goes without saying that you need to decide if you want to add colored prints or animal prints. You really cannot use both in one space. It is especially crucial with animal prints that you do not overdo it. Even more so than with colored prints. Have just a couple leopard or cheetah print pillows on a white or black sofa with a leopard or cheetah statue on your coffee or end table. Maybe even add canvas print or artwork that matches. Again, if your space is very large you can add more, such as an ottoman or chair with matching print, but best practice is to keep it to a minimum. For those who love animal print rugs, they are a great way to accent a white or black couch with opposite-colored pillows. For example, if you have a white couch, showcase black throw pillows with a zebra or leopard print rug. Again, a couple home accessories for your coffee or end table that match, but nothing crazy!

Tiles are trendy

For years, tile was a popular choice for flooring and wall space in kitchens and bathrooms. Now, tile is a trendy option for the living room, as well. Tiles with both intricate and simple prints are being included in the modern-day home around fireplaces, or even on one entire wall. A way to integrate it well is having your living room painted gray, beige or another solid color and using white or lighter gray tile (with or without a pattern) around your fireplace. This decorating concept looks nice in rooms that have hardwood or laminate flooring. A second way to incorporate tile in your living room is to choose one wall to tile while leaving the others a solid painted color that coordinates. Oftentimes, the smallest wall in the room works well. Living rooms with half walls that lead into another part of the house are a perfect option too. Keep in mind the tiled wall is what will showcase your living room, so keep throws, pillows, and other accent items in soft and solid shades.

Using either color patterns, animal prints, or tiles in your living room is a wonderful way to make an enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing space in your home. For all your sustainable and luxurious furniture visit your nearest Stressless® furniture dealer to find the ultimate seating comfort.