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Stressless® Max & Mike Recliners Make Their Debut

A name says a lot. It’s your identity, right? Your parents spent sleepless nights debating what you would be called before you were born. Even our pet names are carefully chosen with contemplative consideration. So, when Stressless® launches new products, you can bet we put a lot of thought into what to call them. Meet Stressless ® Max and Mike, the newest additions to the 50-year lineup of legacy recliners. Stressless® Max and Mike motorized recliners provide a beautiful, sophisticated, slim and compact style compared to most chairs that do less but take up more space. Sumptuous, sleek, comfortable, technologically sophisticated and ergonomically designed—that’s Stressless® Mike and Max.

Names around Norwegian flagWait a minute …

But why not Leif and Lars? Or Knut and Kristoffer? Anders and Asbørn? Are these not fine Norwegian names? The most popular baby names in Norway are Nora and Jacob. Other favorite boy names include Emil, Noah, Oliver and Filip. And speaking of Nora, why not Ella, Maja and Olivia—all beloved names in Norway for little girls. We’ve spoken at length about Norway’s progressive policies for women’s rights.
If you want to reference Norway’s proud Viking heritage, how about Frode, which means “wise and clever” or Arne, which means “eagle”? Or, as celebrated in a recent blog post, Lagertha, the legendary Viking she-warrior, whose name is synonymous with “victorious shieldmaiden.”

In neighboring Denmark, all baby names must be chosen from a pre-approved list using only letters from the Danish alphabet. The first name cannot be a surname, and it mustn’t be spelled in any unusual way. Parents who don’t name their children before they are six months old can be fined. Helt sprø—those crazy Danes!Stressless Max recliner

Welcome to the legacy

But we digress. Stressless® Max and Mike represent personal comfort at its finest.  They have four built-in motors operating the headrest, lumbar + back and footrest to ensure a perfect individual fit. With the touch of a master control button, you can adjust back, leg, lumbar and head support in one synchronized movement. Or you can make independent adjustments for that just-right spot that feels best to you. Lumbar support is automatically adjusted when you change the position of the back rest, so your lower back is always supported ergonomically. In the true spirit of Stressless® innovation, Stressless® Max and Mike come complete with the patented Stressless Plus™-system and are equipped with unique Comfort Zones™ in the seat and back.

Stressless® Max and Mike feature a stabilizing and elegantly crafted disc-shaped moon base, available in brushed steel or beech in all eight Stressless stain colors. Both are available in small, medium and large sizes.Stressless Mike power recliner

The mystery remains

We didn’t answer the question of their names. We’ll leave it to you to ponder. And who knows? Maybe next year we’ll roll out an Alva or Alf (from old Norse meaning “elf”). Or Astrid from ancient Scandinavian meaning “divine strength.” Eira is a traditional Nordic name that works for a boy or a girl. According to tradition, people with this name seek harmony and balance. That’s what Stressless® brings to all of our recliners, regardless of the name.