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Stressless Summer Staycation

Vacation is everyone’s favorite summer activity, and why wouldn’t it be? It’s a time to get away from the daily grind of work and chores to reset and relax. The concept of vacation started thousands of years ago with the ancient Greeks and Roman Empire, particularly with the wealthy. Europeans then adopted this time away taking summer holiday and as people immigrated to the United States the practice continued.

Starting in the early 19th century in America, upper class families in New York city would vacate their homes downtown to spend time away at the lake or beach coining the term vacation.  As modern advances began to take place, time away became more affordable for the middle class, as well. Fast forward to present day and it is a standard practice for much of the population to get in their car or fly on a plane to visit the beach, the lake, or the mountains.

Due to various economic factors the world is seeing today, however, many individuals and families are cutting back their vacation budget in 2022. With the rise of gas prices, flights, hotel rooms as well as dining out, it is more difficult for individuals and families to afford a big trip compared to decades prior. Even for those who can afford to travel, this summer is the perfect time to approach the idea of vacation differently and take a staycation at home. Get out in the community, find hidden gems, and make investments inside and out of the home that you can enjoy beyond a week of vacation.

Here is our Stressless summer staycation recommendation for 2022.

Take a day trip outdoors

This trip will vary, depending on where you live. Visit the nearest lake, ocean, mountains, quarry, beautiful outdoor plains, state or national park, or favorite quaint outdoor area nearby. Pack a lunch or hit a new food spot on your way. Hike, swim, sightsee, walk, whatever you are able to do and see fit. If you are not wanting to drive, bike to a good spot and have a picnic. Load up your backpack with a blanket, some sandwiches and drinks. Bring a football or outdoor game set and spend the day hanging out. Make a pact with those who travel with you to make it a phone and device free afternoon, so you can be present with each other and not have the stresses of dings and rings while enjoying the great outdoors.

Be a tourist in your own town or city

Oftentimes, it is easy to take advantage of all the great local spots our hometown has to offer. The thought being that it is always convenient and the ability to go will eventually present itself. Well, your opportunity is now! Where are the places you have not been? Whether it is the zoo, the local art museum with a new exhibit in town, the botanical garden or the local water park, spend the day playing tourist. After whatever activity you choose, go to the nicest restaurant or the new place you have been dying to try. Splurge on a nice bottle of wine or drink of choice and go guilt free. You will still save a ton of money in comparison to eating out at the beach all week. Cheers! 

Rent a spot nearby

While this is a staycation, some separation from the apartment or house is really nice. Check travel and camping apps to see what houses or campsites are available to book for a night or two around your community. You can potentially find the coolest home or apartment to rent just miles away and have a tiny getaway without putting miles on your car or spending money on tourist attractions. Find new recipes to try and stop at the store for ingredients on the way. If you are with friends or family, have a cook off to see who makes the best dinner plate.

See a show or go to a festival

The week you plan your staycation check local theaters and music venues to see if anything of interest to you is going on. Get dressed up and make it special! Either have some appetizers at home or at a nearby spot before seeing a show you might not have heard of before. You can also spend the day attending a festival or fair instead if your town or city has any that week. It is always good to check surrounding areas, as well!

Get cozy backyard or indoors

If you own or rent a home with a backyard, invest in a fire pit, some chairs and tiki torches. Make your outdoor area cozy and welcoming before you plan your staycation. If the weather permits, spend the day and evening playing games and making s’mores by the fire. Even pitch a tent and campout if resources and space permits. If you do not have outdoor space, cozy up indoors in your favorite room with blankets and a good book. To make it even better, invest in a new recliner or sofa before staycation starts to make your spot seem new and more relaxing. While you will spend some money, the experience of new furniture will last much longer than money spent on a cruise or overseas.

This wraps up our recommendations for a week-long staycation. You are bound to make just as special memories as traveling far without the stress of a long car or plane ride, waiting to get checked into your hotel or resort and spending a lot of money on food and resort fees. Buying items for your home during your staycation is an investment that will stay with you and that you will enjoy well beyond your vacation. Visit your nearest Stressless® dealer to purchase long lasting products that give the ultimate comfort.