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The Blooming and the Beloved: Meet Stressless® Flora and Stressless® Mary Sofas

It’s almost fall.

That’s right! We’re entering into a brand new season once again. Fall is a time of the year where the air turns cooler and the leaves change colors and fall to the ground to make way for new leaves in the spring. Simply put, fall isn’t a time where people typically experience a lot of bloom and “newness”.

But not at Stressless. Here, we’re constantly sprouting ideas for products and breathing new life into well-loved ones no matter the season. Which is why we’re thrilled to debut the two newest additions to the Stressless family: the exquisite Stressless® Flora sofa and our new Power™ Stressless® Mary sofa.

Stressless® Flora shown in Paloma Shadow GreenFlora Sofa

The Blooming

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Flora means “flower” in Latin. Flora was the Roman goddess of spring and flowering plants, and this term refers to just about every living thing. And now the new Stressless® Flora sofa is here to live life with you, in full bloom.

Stressless® Flora shown in Paloma EspressoFlora Wood Paloma Espresso Wenge

Flora boasts a timeless and traditional design with a soft look and sumptuous seat and back with cushions that are contoured by French seams for a more precise look. This design was developed with the utmost attention to construction, angles, and cushioning which collectively provides exquisite comfort. To top it all off, the seat cushions contain ‘ComfortZones™’ to enhance the softness and allow the cushions to adapt to your seating position.

It’s an addition to your lounge area that will truly bloom with you. Stressless® Flora is the perfect spot to sit back, relax, and watch the leaves fall, all done in style.

Stressless® Mary shown in Paloma SandMary sectional chair

The Beloved

The name Mary was derived from the ancient Hebrew name, Miriam, coming from a root meaning “beloved.” A perfect description of the Stressless® Mary sofa. A beloved, best-selling piece at Ekornes, the elevated design brings new angles with the same spacious and supremely comfortable set up.

Like any beloved friend, the Stressless® Mary corner integrates seamlessly with the other sofa modules. The arched shape of the corner blends well with the overall soft lines, traditional design, and visual comfort of the Stressless® Mary sofa.

Stressless® Mary shown in Paloma Fog
Stressless Mary Paloma Fog

So then, what’s new about this beloved model? The seat of the corner is filled with 250 long pocket springs that provide an unbeatable comfort. The Stressless® difference is in the detail: each spring is 13 cm long and individually adapts to your body. The beloved model is a part of the Power™ sofa family, since they have motorized back and footrests. And with the addition of the adjustable headrest, the Mary sofa offers 24-degrees of headrest movement.

The Legacy Continues…

At the end of the day the blooming Stressless® Flora and beloved Stressless® Mary have joined a 50-year legacy of comfort to bring you a supple, comfortable, and soft place to land after a hard day. Whether it’s cozying up in a corner of the Mary sofa with a mug of apple cider this fall or kicking your feet up on Flora after hours of spring cleaning, they’re here to stick around during all seasons for a lifetime of comfort.