The Halfway Point of 2021

Here’s a summer travel idea for you: revisit yourself!

If you feel like each week is going faster than the last, you’re not alone. It’s almost like it was just yesterday that we were all setting our New Year’s goals, dreaming about what could be. Suddenly, we’re heading into the final days of June, which means that we’re almost halfway through 2021.

Aside from that sense of panic that just settled into your chest, we’re here to remind you that there indeed is a silver lining. It’s an opportune time to take a moment to stop and think about how you’re really doing so far. So while everyone’s itching to book that beach vacation or that mountain backpacking trip before the winter months creep in, we have a different kind of summer travel idea in mind for you: revisiting yourself.

Here are three places you can mentally visit to help ease you into the remaining months of the year:

Stop #1: Reflection

Start your introspective mental summer “vacation” with your first excursion: reflection. It’s like being back on your hyttetur again to spend some quality time with yourself. It’s just as much about the journey as it is the destination, remember?

You can first begin by taking inventory of your personal and professional goals. Check in on the status of each. How are they going? Is it all going according to plan, or have you faced some obstacles along the way? Getting a pulse on your progress is important. It shines a light on areas for growth and areas that you excel in!

Man on laptop

It’s also crucial to take inventory of your emotional and mental well-being. Truly, how are you? The first half of 2021 was far from a walk in the park, and there’s no guarantee the second half will go according to plan either. But as we reach the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, you want to make sure you’re in a good spot to take on what’s to come.

Stop #2: Reevaluation

Now that you’ve finished with your reflection, it’s time for your second stop of the tour: reevaluation. Goals are often viewed as rigid and inflexible. On the contrary, they’re meant to fluctuate to meet your needs. If something feels overwhelming, take it down a few notches to adjust into a more achievable objective. If you’re on track, or even exceeding your expectations, pump up the heat to go above and beyond!

Woman doing yoga

Similarly, with your emotional and mental status, what are some things in your routine that haven’t been helping you get to where you want to be? What are some things that would help you find your zen again? Reconfigure your routine to maximize your true potential.

Stop #3: The Destination, Renewal

Lastly, the grand finale. The view of all views. The destination EVERYONE hopes to reach: renewing your commitment to yourself. The first two stops were necessary to appreciate where you are now. It’s like hiking to the top of the Gaustatoppen or reaching the edge of the Preikestolen in Norway. It was hard work getting there, but isn’t the view great?!

Man at top of the cliff

Now that you know what works and what doesn’t, you have a more efficient, fulfilling way to finish out 2021. Commit to applying what you’ve learned during your time of reflection and reevaluation to be the person you imagined you could be on January 1. Finish strong, friend. Or as they say in Norway, avslutt sterkt!