The ultimate Stressless® 2022 global playlist

“Music is the universal language of mankind.” This was a statement made by great 18th-century poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and his words could not ring more true today. Globally, we are experiencing political unrest, war, and protesting on various issues. During this time, it is imperative we find the joys that unite us. Music is undoubtedly one of those things. With only a couple of months remaining in 2022, we here at Stressless® wanted to take some time to reflect on the past year of music by creating the ultimate global playlist of 2022. Something to celebrate all together!


“Dans På Bordet,” Ballinciaga & David Mokel

Music is a huge part of culture in Norway, where festivals and concerts are popular outings for young people, in particular. The Norwegian dance and pop music group Ballinciaga is one of the most popular acts in the country. They earned their first top spot on Norway’s singles chart this year with the release of “Dans På Bordet,” a song in which the group paired up with TikTok influencer David Mokel. Since Stressless® is a Norwegian furniture company, it is only fitting that Norway’s biggest boy band is at the top of our global playlist for 2022.

United States

“Break My Soul,” Beyoncé

Beyoncé is back! She released her seventh album, “Renaissance,” in June 2022, and her critically acclaimed hit single “Break My Soul” topped the Billboard charts. The 28-time Grammy winner referred to this album as her most ambitious project to date, and “Break My Soul” is her first chart-topper since 2017. Over her career, she’s sold over 200 million records worldwide and has won countless awards. A timeless beauty with a whole lot of talent, Beyoncé is clearly America’s music queen.


“As It Was,” Harry Styles

Though England gets credit for its homegrownhero, Harry Styles is celebrated and ultra-popular across the globe. He is having a breakout year with his most recent album, “Harry’s House,” and ongoing sold-out tour. Styles’ music and shows are known to spread happiness and joy, inspiring thousands of fans to wear colored boas, dance and celebrate in his music together. A clear choice for 2022’s global playlist. “As It Was” had a record-setting run at No. 1, which is why it is our song of choice to highlight the singer and songwriter.


“Salimo de Noche,” Tiago PZK & Trueno

Tiago PZK and Trueno are Argentine rappers known for their freestyle notoriety and various album releases. Both have been at the top of the Argentina Hot 100 charts over and over again. The artists collaborated in 2022, when they released their hit song “Salimo de Noche,” which was featured on Trueno’s new album, “Bien o Mal,” and was recently the top song in Argentina. Trueno gave everyone another reason to smile when he went viral by freestyling on YouTube, where he earned over 228 million views. What’s not to love?

South Korea

“Shut Down,” Blackpink

The girl band Blackpink recently released its second album, “Born Pink,” featuring “Shut Down,” which reached No. 1 on the Korean and Billboard Global 200 charts. “Born Pink” debuted at No. 1 on the Circle Album Chart, with over 2 million copies sold in two days. It became the best-selling album in South Korea by a girl group and the first to reach over 2 million in sales. Additionally, Blackpink is the first female Korean group to reach No. 1 in the United States on the Billboard 200 album chart.

It is safe to say that there are talented artists all over the world, looking to inspire their listeners and help them escape the seriousness of everyday life and world news. We hope you enjoy our first Stressless® global playlist of the year! Find your nearest Stressless® location, and then experience ultimate comfort while leaning back and enjoying some tunes.