Using Social Media to Revive Old Friendships

By now, we all know how easy it is to use social media to reconnect with long lost friends. All you have to do is type in a name and enter a couple of clicks to reach people that you haven’t communicated with in years. But there are things you should really consider before doing it.

Be Selective

You’re feeling nostalgic. Maybe even a bit lonely. The temptation to reach out to people you were close with in the past is hard to resist. This is the time to ask yourself, “Do I really want to be friends with this person again?” “Is this friendship really important to me?” After all, real lives are involved here. You’re literally inviting people back into your life. So be selective. Don’t make any rash decisions. Think before you act. Because once you act, you can’t undo it.

Steer Clear of The Ex

Especially if you’re in a relationship now, you’ll want to save yourself the head- and potential heartaches derived from reconnecting with old flames. You really don’t want to have to explain to your partner why you’ve decided to reconnect with your freshman-year love. Even if you’re currently single, you split up with this person for a reason. Don’t create new problems you don’t need or want only to have to sort them out all over again.

Pace Yourself

If you decide to revive an old friendship, don’t rush in too fast. Pouring your heart out all at once is not something you want to do to someone you might not know anymore. Remember, a lot of time has passed since you’ve communicated with this person. You’ve changed. They’ve changed. So take it one step at a time and give the relationship time to develop again.

If you’re determined to rekindle old friendships, social media can be a huge help. But be sure to you’re doing it for the right reasons. Because friendships, as we’ve all learned over the years, aren’t something to be taken lightly.